Typo3 Using typoLink in your own FrontEnd (FE) extension

Using the the typoLink function in your own Typo3 extension is very simple. First you need an instance of the tslib_cObj object. Then setup the config array and call the method. That’s all.
To create the instance you need to include the object first:


Then create the tslib_cObj:


Setup the config array: (See the typoLink documentation of possible entries)

$conf = array( 'parameter' => 'http://www.bstar.de' );

Call the method:

echo $cObj->typoLink('bstar.de', $conf );

If you don’t want to setup the conf array and don’t need the power of typoLink you can use getTypoLink also:

echo $cObj->getTypoLink('bstar.de', 'http://www.bstar.de' );

If you have any query then feel free to contact me at Jainish Senjaliya


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