T3Blog installation. Is this the blog solution for TYPO3?

t3blogTo be able to write down fast and easy tips & tricks regarding TYPO3 webdesign I installed the new blog extension T3Blog on this site. It did not take to long to get it working. Read here the steps I took and some comments on this still early release.

1. First of all I downloaded and installed these extensions. Mind the order!

  • dam_1.0.14.t3x
  • typoscripttools_0.0.2.t3x (this extension is special for T3Blog)
  • sfpantispam_0.0.0.t3x
  • t3blog_0.5.0.t3x

2. After installing I made a new page in my new and still empty site : Blog and created a new template there. In the template include the static templates as shown in the order as shown here.

3. I went to the constant editor (via Template of the Web menu, click on the new Blog page.) There fill in at least the baseurl and the id of the new blog page. Save and clear cache.

Then the blog worked! After that I added an extra CSS to style the blog a bit in an own way.

The default template delivered with it can be found in static/t3blog/template/setup.txt. So I copied a part of it to change it in the setup of the TS template I created in the blog page. For example I changed the right column to the left and disabled the right column. Also I disabled some widgets like the RSS which I didnt get to work yet.

#typoscript setup code
  plugin.tx_t3blog_pi1.layoutBlog.20 >
  plugin.tx_t3blog_pi1.layoutBlog.40 >
  plugin.tx_t3blog_pi1.layoutBlog {
      #right Content
      40 = COA
      40 {
          stdWrap {
              wrap = <div id="col3">|</div>
              required = 1
              10 = TEXT
          10 {
              value = <!-- -->
      #left Content
      20 = COA
      20 {
          stdWrap {
              wrap = <div id="col1">|</div>
              required = 1
          5 = TEXT
          5 {
              field = searchBox
          10 = TEXT
          10 {
              field = feed
          #20 = TEXT
          #20 {
          #    field = calendar
          30 = TEXT
          30 {
              field = latestPostNav
          40 = TEXT
          40 {
              field = categories
          50 = TEXT
          50 {
              field = blogrollList
          60 = TEXT
          60 {
              field = latestCommentsNav
          70 = TEXT
          70 {
              field = archive
          #80 = TEXT
          #80 {
          #    field = rss
          #90 = TEXT
          #90 {
          #    field = socialBookmarks

The RSS is strange that it does not work, since I filled in the needed TS which are explained in the manual.

The html and CSS of the blog and the widgets are not valid and thus contain of some errors which I suppose can be fixed if you dive in the extensions code. In internet Explorer there is a small error about an unvalid character.

The RTE sometimes just disappeared when I tried to create a 2nd pagecontent block in a single post.

Unfortunately the other pages of the site will not work out of the box with the template of the blog so I had to create quickly a Templavoila template to have pages like contact on the trial site. Since the template which comes with the blog uses it’s own CSS I created a blog.css which only gets loaded for the blogpage and this overwrites some CSS of the extension.

Later I tried to create a blog page myself by using a Templavoila page and just put some widgets from the blog extension by putting plugins on the page. This worked good. However in the list view of the posts the links in the post itself dissapeared..

Verdict : I feel the extension is still not mature enough and full of little bugs which annoyed me so much I decided to go ahead with WordPress for now. However it is a nice start to allow TYPO3 to have a good out of the box blog system instead of installing and combining extensions like tt_news, comments, tagcloud, calendar etc. For this site I am to lazy and just use WordPress for blogging :P   But I am looking forward to a bugfix release of T3Blog!

If you have any query then feel free to contact me at Jainish Senjaliya


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