Typo3 database related class function : t3lib_DB Class Reference

Public Member Functions

  exec_INSERTquery ($table, $fields_values, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  exec_INSERTmultipleRows ($table, array $fields, array $rows, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  exec_UPDATEquery ($table, $where, $fields_values, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  exec_DELETEquery ($table, $where)
  exec_SELECTquery ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $limit= ”)
  exec_SELECT_mm_query ($select, $local_table, $mm_table, $foreign_table, $whereClause= ”, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $limit= ”)
  exec_SELECT_queryArray ($queryParts)
  exec_SELECTgetRows ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $limit= ”, $uidIndexField= ”)
  exec_SELECTgetSingleRow ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $numIndex=FALSE)
  exec_SELECTcountRows ($field, $table, $where= ”)
  exec_TRUNCATEquery ($table)
  INSERTquery ($table, $fields_values, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  INSERTmultipleRows ($table, array $fields, array $rows, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  UPDATEquery ($table, $where, $fields_values, $no_quote_fields=FALSE)
  DELETEquery ($table, $where)
  SELECTquery ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $limit= ”)
  SELECTsubquery ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause)
  TRUNCATEquery ($table)
  listQuery ($field, $value, $table)
  searchQuery ($searchWords, $fields, $table)
  prepare_SELECTquery ($select_fields, $from_table, $where_clause, $groupBy= ”, $orderBy= ”, $limit= ”, array $input_parameters=array())
  prepare_SELECTqueryArray (array $queryParts, array $input_parameters=array())
  exec_PREPAREDquery ($query, array $queryComponents)
  fullQuoteStr ($str, $table)
  fullQuoteArray ($arr, $table, $noQuote=FALSE)
  quoteStr ($str, $table)
  escapeStrForLike ($str, $table)
  cleanIntArray ($arr)
  cleanIntList ($list)
  stripOrderBy ($str)
  stripGroupBy ($str)
  splitGroupOrderLimit ($str)
  sql_query ($query)
  sql_error ()
  sql_errno ()
  sql_num_rows ($res)
  sql_fetch_assoc ($res)
  sql_fetch_row ($res)
  sql_free_result ($res)
  sql_insert_id ()
  sql_affected_rows ()
  sql_data_seek ($res, $seek)
  sql_field_type ($res, $pointer)
  sql_pconnect ($TYPO3_db_host, $TYPO3_db_username, $TYPO3_db_password)
  sql_select_db ($TYPO3_db)
  admin_get_dbs ()
  admin_get_tables ()
  admin_get_fields ($tableName)
  admin_get_keys ($tableName)
  admin_get_charsets ()
  admin_query ($query)
  connectDB ($host=TYPO3_db_host, $user=TYPO3_db_username, $password=TYPO3_db_password, $db=TYPO3_db)
  isConnected ()
  debug ($func, $query= ”)
  debug_check_recordset ($res)

Public Attributes

  $debugOutput = FALSE
  $debug_lastBuiltQuery = ”
  $store_lastBuiltQuery = FALSE
  $explainOutput = 0
  $link = FALSE
  $default_charset = ‘utf8’

Protected Member Functions

  setSqlMode ()
  explain ($query, $from_table, $row_count)

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