How to Sovled the 500 – internal server error

mod_rewrite Problem 1&1

If you have a webhosting package at 1& you may face some problems while using mod_rewrite for a website located in a subdirectory.

For example, if you create a subdirectory


and place your website (e.g., typo3 or something else) and a .htaccess file inside this. And if you try to use mod_write to have search engine friendly URLs or just rewrite urls for any other purpose, you may end up with a 500 internal server error.

To fix this problem, you should open your .htaccess file and check your RewriteBase configuration.

If your website is located in a subdirectory of your webspace, you need to set the RewriteBase configuration to:

RewriteBase /

For Example, if you want to configure the .htaccess file shipped with Typo3, and your installation is in a sub-directory “/mywebsite/”, you should modify the file as shown below:

### Begin: Settings for mod_rewrite ###
# You need rewriting, if you use a URL-Rewriting extension (RealURL, CoolUri, SimulateStatic).

# Enable URL rewriting

RewriteEngine On

# Change this path, if your TYPO3 installation is located in a subdirectory of the website root.
RewriteBase / # <= The important part of the configuration

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2 thoughts on “How to Sovled the 500 – internal server error

  1. Its really very helpfull, because i have phase this issue before 2 days and now solved after 2 days with R&D on the each and every site……..finally its very great help
    from your side…..


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