How to set custom link while edit record from backend side of typo3 in custom extension

How to set custom link on tca file.

For set custom link on record then you have to modify your tca file


"pdf_generator" => Array (		
   "exclude" => 1,		
   "label" => 'LLL:EXT:EXT_NAME/locallang_db.xml:tx_EXTNAME.download_pdf',		
   'config' => Array (
      'type' => 'user',
      'userFunc' => 'EXT:EXT_NAME/pi1/model/link.php:tx_examples_tca->specialField',
      'size' => '20',

Below is content of link.php file

class tx_examples_tca {
   function specialField($PA, $fObj)
      return '<div><a href="../typo3conf/ext/EXT_NAME/pdf_generator.php?uid='.$PA['row']['uid'].'" style="position: relative; z-index: 9999;"><img src="../typo3conf/ext/EXT_NAME/pdficon.png" /></a></div>';

$PA[‘row’][‘uid’] : You will get current record unique id.

pdf_generator.php : You can write your all code in pdf_generator.php file.

After do modification in tca file. it will look like below image.

TCA Modification

TCA Modification

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