How to add “google-site-verification” code in your site


How to Verify Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

To verify your site and get your meta tag content:

 =>  Go to the Google Webmaster Tools page: Webmaster Tools
 =>  To add a site, click on Add a site.
 =>  Enter the URL for your site.
 =>  Select the Alternate methods tab and then choose the Add meta tag method (first one in the list).
 =>  Copy the value that it gives you for the content parameter of the google-site-verification meta tag. Example: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="yuOLc7bLXFLCZTERTmcXnEPCe9f6pIE9kFYQNpH8gJI">
 =>  Copy the following verification code below and paste it into the Keywords area under the SEO tab.
	<meta name="google-site-verification" content="yuOLc7bLXFLCZTERTmcXnEPCe9f6pIE9kFYQNpH8gJI">
 =>  Open the Webmaster Tools home page again. Make sure that you don't have any requests to verify your site again. If you do, verify it again. 

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